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  • Viking
    Legacy Trails

    Professional tour guide
  • Viking
    Legacy Trails

    Professional tour guide
  • Viking
    Legacy Trails

    Professional tour guide

The Tour

Welcome Adventurers to an amazing cultural
experience in the medieval heart of Dublin City.

Walk through time with your Viking Warrior Guide and in the footsteps of our ancient ancestors and learn much about our city’s incredible history from a small Gaelic settlement to the bustling Viking riverside town of Dubh Linn and every age in between to grow it into the amazing modern city of Dublin today.

Visit sites and locations of major significance in Dublin’s Medieval Quarter and peel back the contemporary to reveal the ancient through stories myths and legends as told by your 9th Century Viking Guides.

This exciting experience is unique and entertaining. Your guides who are in full Viking Warrior Battle Costume are all deeply invested in Viking culture and the Norse-Gael legacy of Ireland and Dublin in particular. Indeed, many of them have featured in the TV Series Vikings and Vikings Valhalla and numerous other Viking re-enactments.

So enjoy this entertaining, approximately two hour tour but be warned!

Disclaimer :
“While on this tour you may get the urge to go “Viking” and pursue a life of unending adventure, raiding and battles to fulfil your destiny to take your rightful place at Odin’s table in Valhalla.”

You have been warned

My Profile

Historian/Actor/Writer/Retired Professional Soldier with a deep love of Irish history and in particular the Vikings and the subsequent Norse/Gael legacy which resonates throughout Ireland today and in particular this great city of Dublin.

Frequently Asked Questions

About this tour

You will explore Dublin’s Viking/Medieval Quarter with your Viking Guide and learn about our city’s incredible origins.

You will explore Dublin’s Viking/Medieval Quarter with your Viking Guide and learn about our city’s incredible origins. You will be guided and entertained with stories and legends by experienced Viking actors/historians/musicians/poets (Warrior Bards) who have dedicated themselves to the study of our Norse/Geal heritage and in particular to the Viking origins of Dublin which became the epicentre of Viking rule in Ireland and Europe for almost three hundred years.

Some of the sites you will visit include:

Viking and Medieval Dublin – Dublin Castle – Fishamble Street – Wood Quay – Christchurch Cathedral – Saint Audoen’s 13th Century Medieval Wall and Gate and Saint Audoen’s 13th Century Church – Cornmarket Medieval Wall – Tailors Guild Hall 17th Century Tavern.

  • Any Age
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Start time: Check availability on Booking Page
  • Mobile ticket
  • English
What’s Included

An entertaining introduction to the origins of Dublin and its exciting history and development through the ages as told by one of the city’s original inhabitants a “9th Century Viking Warrior” in full authentic costume.

  • Lots of fun photo opportunities with your Viking Guide.
  • Handle the weapons and shields and use them in photos with your Viking Warrior Guide
  • Enrich your visit to Ireland with some great tips on best places to go, to eat, drink and be merry.
What to expect


This is a typical itinerary for this Viking/Medieval Dublin tour experience:

Start of Tour Meeting Point:
Dublin Castle Palace Street Gate outside Chez Max Restaurant Dublin 2.
(This is a great spot to grab a pre-tour tea or coffee or even breakfast or lunch)

Stop At: Dublin Castle & An Dubh Linn Gardens (The Black Pool)

From its Viking origins, to this day, this site has held a significant position of power in Ireland for over a thousand years. The Vikings discovery of a safe harbour in the “Black Pool” would become the very foundation of the City of Dublin. A true Viking city.

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

Stop At: Fishamble Street

Discover the Viking origins of this famous Dublin street and how it still to this day connects the past to the present.

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

Stop At: Wood Quay

The Wood Quay site is considered possibly the greatest Viking archaeological find of major significance in Europe. Learn of its geographical importance in the world of Viking dominance of Dublin and England and its subsequent development as a major centre for trade and commerce through the centuries.

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

Stop At: Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral has dominated the centre of Dublin for over a 1,000 years. Its ancient stones have seen much through the centuries and its hallowed walls hold many secrets and mysteries inside. The tomb of Strongbow, the heart of Saint Lorcan O’Toole and the “Cat & the Rat” are among the many amazing features of this architectural wonder of the Middle Ages.

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

Stop At: Medieval Dublin City Wall and St. Audoen’s Gate (1240AD) then on to St. Audoen’s Norman Church

Visit the St Audoen’s 13th Century City Gate of Dublin’s Medieval defence wall built in 1240 then continue up to the ancient Anglo-Norman church of St. Audoen, the oldest parish church in Dublin. Explore the amazing musical gardens in the grounds of St Audoen’s and experience its tranquil ambiance in this oasis of peace and beauty in a bustling city centre.

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

Stop At: Cornmarket – Medieval City Wall

Formally known as “New Gate” in medieval times this was a significant portal into the ancient city and a major area of trade and commerce throughout the centuries.

End of Tour: THE TAILORS GUILD HALL 17 th Century Tavern

The Dublin Tailors had a tradition that “theirs was the oldest of the city&guilds” its first charter having been granted by the Anglo-Norman King John in 1207. Since its construction “The Tailors Guild Hall ” has hosted many incredible historic figures within its walls throughout the centuries. Explore this fascinating building and perhaps enjoy a Viking mead, a pint, delicious food or just a cup of tea and chat with your guide about the amazing experience of walking through time in Dublin with Viking Legacy Trails. Great opportunity for photos as well.

Points to note
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Stroller accessible
  • Family Friendly
  • Gentle walking pace
  • Service animals allowed
  • Close by public transportation and Taxi Ranks

If you have any concerns around accessibility, call us or email to discuss it and we can tailor the tour to accommodate you.

Phone/WhatsApp +353858616016 or email

Additional Information

Confirmation will be received at time of booking.

This tour will have a maximum of 30 persons (An additional Viking Guide may be necessary
for larger groups) phone +353858616016 or email for enquiries.

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the tour. Group Bookings 48 hours in advance of the start date of the tour.

Phone +353858616016 or email for enquiries.